New Construction

A fresh canvas

Whether you are looking to build your dream home, investment property, or maybe just an extra guest house, our team of experts are here and ready to take you from plan conception to the final coat of paint. With just a few initial discussions, we will be able provide you a general idea of what your project should cost and what we can do to help maximize beauty, space, and value while minimizing surprises so you can build confidently. Already have a set of plans? We are happy to review them and always provide a formal estimate once plans are ready.

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Enhance your space

Sometimes we find that the best option is to enhance or enlarge the space we already have. At Ico Construction, we have all the resources and skill to optimize your property to meet your current needs. Whether your property is tired and could use an update, or perhaps just some more elbow room, we are experts in transforming or adding space to an existing property. A professional remodel must be well planned and coordinated so function meets beauty within a practical budget.

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Fire & Water Restoration

Repair your investment

The average person may not be prepared when disaster strikes. A fire or flood can wreak havoc on the lives of its victims leaving you feeling helpless, lost, and unsure of what to do next or how to handle the situation. Our team has helped hundreds of fire and flood victims over the years to put their lives back together after what can seem like a hopeless time. We start by listening. Listening to your concerns, thoughts, emotions, and your priorities. These are addressed before anything else. We want you to know a highly trained professional company is on your side and is here to help. The world of casualty insurance can be daunting, but with a partner like Ico Construction, you can rely on experts to handle it confidently, delicately, and intelligently while maintaining your best interests.

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